Capsule Endoscopy (PillCam)

Your gastroenterologist may recommend a Capsule Endoscopy to evaluate any problems with the small intestine. This is helpful to evaluate hidden problems, such as bleeding or inflammation, deep in your gut. PillCam is the name of the capsule that you swallow. This is not an ordinary pill. This pill contains a tiny, wireless camera that captures images as it travels through your small intestine. The images are then transmitted to a special type of recorder that you wear (strapped to your body on a belt, temporarily). Our medical staff will provide you with preparation instructions regarding your diet for the day prior to the procedure. You will be asked to come into the office in the morning to swallow the pill and be fitted for the sensor belt. The pill is easy to swallow and you will not need any sedation. You will then leave our office and resume your daily activities. The capsule will pass through your body naturally, without any further intervention needed (i.e. you will pass it out your body in your stool). You will be asked to return the sensor belt to our office. The images will then be downloaded to a computer and your gastroenterologist will review the pictures.

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Capsule Endoscopy is a procedure that allows gastroenterologists to completely visualize the small intestine. The patient swallows a “capsule” that contains a small, wireless camera that captures images as it passes through the small intestine. The capsule we use is called PillCam SB.

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